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J. Todd Murrell is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Civil mediator.  His knowledge and experience in various areas of the law permits him to provide effective assistance in resolving many types of civil disputes between parties.  

Mr. Murrell is happy to travel to any of the participating attorneys' offices, or any other location convenient to the parties, to conduct the mediation conference.  Mr. Murrell is also experienced and available to mediate virtually, utilizing Zoom.  A virtual mediation can be helpful when it would be difficult to get all of the parties to one location to conduct an in-person mediation conference.  Virtual mediations can also help to lower the overall cost of mediation, where travel and other related expenses would otherwise be necessary.

Mediation conferences are scheduled on a full-day or half-day basis, and you can obtain information regarding availability by contacting Mr. Murrell at or by calling (239) 302-3607.

Current Mediation Rates:

Two party mediation: $150.00 per hour, per party.

Three party mediation: $100.00 per hour, per party.

Four parties or more: $75 per hour, per party.

Each half-day mediation session, whether in-person or virtual, will be billed at a minimum of two (2) hours.  Parties requesting a full-day mediation conference, whether in-person or virtual, will be billed for a minimum of four (4) hours.  Time is billed at 0.25-hour increments beyond the minimum number of hours.

Travel Time: There will be no charge for travel time if the mediation is conducted within Collier or Lee County.  For mediations conducted outside of Collier and Lee Counties, there will typically be an additional charge for travel time, but this fee will vary based upon the distance and duration of the booking.  If there are other significant travel related expenses (i.e., airfare, rental car, etc.) those amounts must be pre-paid no later than ten (10) days prior to the scheduled mediation.

Cancellation:  There will be no cancellation fee if a scheduled mediation is cancelled more than five (5) business days prior to the scheduled mediation.  If a mediation is cancelled less than five (5) full business days prior to the scheduled mediation, there will be a charge of the minimum booking time.  For a half-day mediation, the cancellation charge will be two (2) hours at the applicable rate.  For a full-day mediation, the cancellation charge will be four (4) hours at the applicable rate.  Any party who is a no-show to a mediation will be billed at the minimum charge, plus one (1) hour, at the applicable rate.

Other Fees and Charges: All fees and charges will be identified in advance of the meditation, and will be clearly disclosed to all parties.  In the event a party makes a special request for which fees cannot be specifically calculated in advance, parties will be given detailed information on how that charge will be calculated along with an expense approval form.  

Pre-mediation summaries or other materials are gladly accepted, but are certainly not mandatory.  If you wish to send pre-mediation information, please e-mail Mr. Murrell.

Questions or requests for further information can be directed to J. Todd Murrell at (239) 302-3607, or

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